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About WiN

WiN (Women in Nuclear) is a world-wide association of women working professionally in various fields of nuclear energy and radiation applications.

WiN-Canada was formed in early 2004 and has been working to support the objectives of WiN-Global and emphasize and support the role that women can and do have in addressing the general public's concerns about nuclear energy and the application of radiation and nuclear technology. WiN-Canada also works to provide an opportunity for women to succeed in the industry through initiatives such as mentoring, networking, and personal development opportunities.

Globally, the goal of WiN is to make the public aware, especially women, of the benefits of nuclear and radiation applications and of the safety that ensures protection of the public and the environment.

WiN's principle objectives are:

  1. To develop a dialogue with the public to promote awareness around the factual contribution to people and society from nuclear technologies.
  2. To contribute to knowledge and experience exchange among members and chapters.
  3. To promote career interest in nuclear engineering, science, technology, the trades and other nuclear-related professions, especially among women and young people.

While many of the members of WiN are employed in the nuclear energy sector, WiN-Canada welcomes members from industries who use nuclear and radiation technologies, such as hospitals and medical facilities, mining, academic and research institutions, the wider electricity sector, and the suppliers to all of these diverse industries. WiN-Canada believes its value resides in having a diverse membership representing not only skilled and technical disciplines, but also welcomes members who support the industry such as lawyers, accountants, financial professionals, sales, administration, etc.

Members of WiN all have one thing in common: they want the general public to have a better understanding of nuclear and radiation issues. WiN is open to men who support the organization’s goals.

For more information on WiN-Canada goals and objectives and guiding principles please visit click here to read a copy of our Charter.

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