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How to Form a Local Chapter

February 4, 2008

 Excited about WiN? Want to get together with some women in the nuclear industry in your area or your company to contribute to WiN's goals of public education and professional development for women in the nuclear and radiation technology industry? Looking for another opportunity to showcase and develop your leadership skills?

Launch a WiN Chapter or get involved with an existing group!
To launch a WiN Chapter, you can take a formal or an informal approach. The approach you adopt will depend on how much time you have to devote to WiN and how many others are interested in helping you. Sometimes, it is better to start small and grow in size and formality.

To launch a WiN chapter, first begin by speaking to someone at WiN-Canada who can help guide you. To begin, get together informally with female colleagues at work or socially and brainstorm how you can take a leadership role in WIN, then obtain support from your company's senior management to sponsor some WIN related activities like meetings, and a modest amount of your time - you may wish to frame it in the context of promoting diversity or as a leadership develop opportunity for yourself and your colleagues.

Have an initial meeting - make sure you advertise it well - and see who is interested in getting more involved. From there, form a "leading group" of women who want to develop a chapter, commit to ensuring the support for a few meetings per year (2-4), and appoint a leader to attend monthly WiN Canada board teleconference (60-90 minutes).

Then tell your friends and colleagues that a new WiN Chapter has been launched (WiN Canada can help with that!) That's it.
If you want to add some formality to the proceedings, we have a detailed document for you to use to structure your chapter effectively when you are ready. 

Welcome to WIN! You'll be glad you joined.

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