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Generation Energy

April 21, 2017

Release from Natural Resources Canada

Following on the roundtable with Parliamentary Secretary Kim Rudd back in February, we committed to staying in touch with you to provide you with some opportunities to engage on items relating to nuclear energy, especially when it comes to engaging in a broader dialogue about how nuclear energy fits into Canada’s priorities such as innovation and climate change.

On April 21, Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, launched Generation Energy, a dialogue on Canada’s energy future. All ideas gathered will be used to design a policy approach focused on how the federal government can contribute to the work being done by the provinces and territories to create the affordable energy and innovative jobs Canadians want, working towards a consensus-based, long-term vision for energy in Canada. We want to determine how we can move forward while ensuring that the expectations of Canadians regarding energy development are met, including that:

  • - energy is developed sustainably and remains affordable and accessible;
  • - the energy sector generates innovative jobs for Canadians;
  • - the rights of Indigenous peoples are respected; and,
  • - Canadian industries remain competitive.

We invite all of you to participate – both online (through the website and the #GenEnergy hashtag) and in-person. The discussion generated over the next six months will be further deliberated and debated in an event hosted by Minister Carr in mid-October. We welcome you to participate in the dialogue by submitting proposals on the “Online Submission Library,” or conversing in the “Idea Forum”. In the context of a broader national dialogue, we will ensure that you are aware of relevant in-person events.

Further, we would also be interested to hear about any work you might be doing that may be connected to this important discussion and that could support this broader discussion on Canada’s energy future.

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