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Annette Bertha Nisbett

Annette Bertha Nisbett
Title: Ironworker
Company: Bruce Power

Annette started her career as an Ironworker at 38 and is an inspiration and a source of encouragement for women looking for success in the nuclear field. As a member of a Building Trades Union and an employee at Bruce Power, she helps to set up jobs, lay out dimensions and interpret blueprints. She is currently working at the Bruce Power ‘B’ Nuclear Generating Station.

Before entering the skilled trades, Annette owned a small engine repair shop where she came to realize she had a technical interest, but also realized she couldn’t make a living. She also remembered that her father always had an “unbelievable faith” in her. It was with her new interest and father’s words of encouragement, she decided to write the aptitude test, beginning the journey towards becoming a qualified Ironworker. After completing 6000 hours on the job and three terms of trade school, she joined her local. As only the fourth female member, Annette had finally found the gratifying career that she had always hoped for.

Annette takes great pride in her work at Bruce Power. She is very proud of her accomplishments and is excited about her ability to overcome heights and deal with the extreme challenges of her job. She is always ready and eager for the next task.

Annette became involved with Women in Nuclear (WiN) when asked to mentor a group of young female high school students for a Skill Canada event. She has also acted as a mentor in her daughter’s school. She continues to be a mentor and if there was only one motivational message that she could give, it would be “watch me do it, and know that you can too.”

Created on December 18, 2007.

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