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Sarah Titus

Sarah Titus
Title: Radiation Protection Technician
Company: NB Power Nuclear

Sarah Simms is a Radiation Protechtion Technician at NB Power Nuclear and a member of IBEW local 37.

In her position she is responsible for radiation surveying. In her career Sarah has also been responsible for conducting monthly safety meetings, updating plant safety documentation, respiratory fit testing and implementing and providing spreadsheet graphing  for a variety of work areas. She has also done the necessary field work for the radiation protection of workers and visitors.

Sarah loves the challenge of her job and the necessity for continual learning opportunities. She enjoys her involvement in the field as a helping hand for other work groups when it comes to radiation and safety.

Her most rewarding project to date was the Point Lepreau Refurbishment Project, where Sarah worked as a radiation protection assistant for NB Power Nuclear. This provided Sarah with some immense learning opportunities to garner more knowledge of the Candu 6 Reactor.

Sarah holds a number of radiation and conventional safety certifications all of which help her to fulfill the duties of her current position.

Sarah’s father greatly influenced her career decision. He worked as a mechanic in the nuclear industry and through his work stories, related to her as a child, she became interested in radiation. A visit to the plant on Take Our Kids to Work Day sealed the deal and she decided to pursue the nuclear industry.

Her personal satisfaction on the job comes from the challenging learning environment and helping people perform their jobs safely.

Sarah was inspired to join WiN by co-workers and she enjoys being a member of WiN, meeting new people and developing additional skills to help her personally and professionally. She plans to use her interactions with other industry professionals to further her career while gaining a better understanding and knowledge of the industry.

Outside of work Sarah enjoys painting, exercising and spending time with family.

As created January 7, 2013.

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