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Donna Snowden

Donna Snowden
Title: Training Supervisor
Company: Zircatech Precision Industries

Donna has been with Zircatec/Cameco for the past 7 years. As a Training and Development Supervisor, she is responsible for the training and development courses for the organization. The topics for these courses vary from safety to management skills to nuclear energy information. Donna has also held the position of communications officer.

Donna attended Durham College for 3 years and holds a diploma in business and operations management. She is currently finishing off her Adult Education Diploma, from St. Francis Xavier University, in New Brunswick. Before starting at Zircatec, she worked in the automotive industry at various automotive companies & consulting organizations in and around Toronto. Since starting in the nuclear industry, Donna credits Susan Brissette and her ideas about how to educate the public with having the most influence on her career. She believes that it is important to get the right messages out into the community.

The ongoing learning and the interaction with people is what Donna enjoys most about her job. She is able to teach others and loves to help people achieve “Ah-HA!” moments. She has also taken an active role in getting the company involved in the community. She has initiated involvement with community events & charities such as the Cancer Society, the Alzheimer’s Society, the Heart & Stroke Foundation, and the Canadian Diabetes Association. As well, on her personal time, she volunteers as the local women’s shelter’s gardener, and is involved with the Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre for Children.

Donna decided to get involved with WiN because of the encouragement of Susan Brissette as well as the idea of educating the public about the nuclear industry. She loves the excitement of being a member of WiN as well as the networking opportunities. Having these contacts has allowed Donna to expand and grow and has provided her with new friends and colleagues she can now call on to find answers to any questions that she may have about the nuclear industry.

Created on May 22, 2008. 

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