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Mona Primeau

Mona Primeau
Title: Research and Dev. Technician
Company: Atomic Energy of Canada Limited

Mona Primeau is a new Women in Nuclear member, but she is not new to the nuclear field. She has been an experienced part of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited for the past quarter century. At Chalk River Laboratories, where she is stationed, most of the major research and development for AECL occurs. Scientists, engineers, and technicians like Mona perform research and product development to support and advance CANDU nuclear reactor technology. As a research and development technician she is responsible for technical research, development and materials testing.

When Mona graduated from high school in Deep River, Ontario she jumped straight into the life of a “working woman.” She took her first job at a legal office. Shortly after, she began with AECL in administration.   

The most rewarding part of her career came when she was able to transfer from this administrative position to a technical one. Mona says she is proud that she was able to ‘learn by doing’ in this hands-on environment. It was a steep learning curve, but now she enjoys meeting deadlines on challenging projects. Mona’s favourite part of being a technician is working with materials testing machines and qualification programs— something she never would have done in a legal office.

When Mona switched over to the technical side of AECL, she was encouraged and supported by her supervisor to succeed, she says. At this point in her career, she needed encouragement. Since she did not have much formal or technical training, Mona’s ‘on site learning’ was intense. She realized that the limits she imposed on herself became her greatest barrier. So, she decided to believe that she could do and learn anything, and she succeeded.

Mona joined WiN because of her desire to meet other women in her company and in the nuclear field. She is looking forward to hearing these women’s perspectives about the nuclear industry. Mona is particularly interested in discussing technical and workplace experiences and personnel-related issues. She is also excited to learn about other employment positions in this dynamic industry.

Created on June 10, 2008. 

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