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Cheryl McCulloch

Cheryl McCulloch
Title: Section Manager
Company: Bruce Power

Working as a Conventional Safety Manager for the Unit 1 and 2 Restart, Cheryl is dedicated to the Bruce Power culture of “Safety First”. She has worked in her current position for over two and a half years. In this fast paced and challenging job, Cheryl is responsible for helping to maintain a safe work environment which is vital in the nuclear industry.

Cheryl graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Science degree. She began her career are Bruce Power over twenty eight years ago. Her personal satisfaction comes from the interactions with different people, working with great teams and being able to see the results of her work. During her time with the company, Cheryl has been a part of many rewarding projects. She has been instrumental in the development and improvement of environmental, fire, and conventional safety. Since becoming a Conventional Safety Manager for the Restart, Cheryl’s sense of gratification has stemmed from the effort to refurbish Units 1 and 2 at the Bruce ‘A’ Nuclear Generating Station. Overall, she has described her journey with Bruce Power as an excellent learning opportunity.

Cheryl became a part of WiN because she felt she needed to not only do her part to educate others about the nuclear industry, but to educate herself as well. She has enjoyed the fact that WiN has pushed her to express herself in nuclear business with a little more ease and comfort. Being a WiNner has given her the chance to meet new people involved with nuclear and to contribute her knowledge to the public. Most importantly however, since being a part of WiN, Cheryl has discovered that motivation comes from challenging yourself to learn and to ask questions, which she describes as the best way to take advantage of the opportunities given.

Created on November 9, 2008. 

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