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Wendy Michelle Huys

Wendy Michelle Huys
Title: Authorized Nuclear Operator in Training
Company: Bruce Power

 As the first woman to complete the Authorized Nuclear Operator (ANO) qualification at Bruce Power in 2004, Wendy is leading the way for female operators. She has worked as an operator for over 17 years, and is currently an ANO at the Bruce B Generating Station. Wendy has one of the most intricate positions in the nuclear field as she is responsible for the smooth operation of a nuclear reactor. 

Wendy completed one year of Computer Programming at Georgian College before pursuing a career as an operator. For the first 10 years, she worked as a Field Operator before deciding to become licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission as an ANO. Her mentor throughout this gruelling three and half year process was her father. He had previously worked as a shift operating supervisor, which allowed him to encourage Wendy when the training, exams and simulator testing got to be very tough. He also spoke with her family to help them understand how difficult the qualification was to complete. Wendy refers to the decision to enter the program as a family commitment and anyone interested must work hard to find the right balance between work and home. With her family behind her, Wendy graduated at the top of her simulator training class and completed her CNSC qualification. Wendy’s son also benefited from the time spent studying with Mom, which resulted in his excellent study habits.

The most satisfying part of Wendy’s job is that she is able to pursue a career that matches her desire to control her own destiny. Acting as an ANO, she is responsible for interacting with the different work groups. She is in charge of what needs to be done to ensure the proper safety, operation and maintenance of a nuclear reactor. However, none of this compares to the fact that she is able to manage a career and to be a wonderful mother for her two children.  

Wendy’s involvement with WiN has given her the confidence to communicate more effectively with her supervisors about opinions that she may not have had the courage to express before.  It has also given her the opportunity to discuss nuclear topics with other women in nuclear roles. Furthermore, she enjoys that WiN has allowed her to be active in her community in promoting nuclear and she has taken delight in acting as a mentor to young women looking to get involved in the field.

Created on January 29, 2008.

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