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Rumina Velshi

Rumina Velshi
Title: Director Commerical Activities
Company: OPG

At Ontario Power Generation (OPG), you can find Rumina Velshi, the Director of Planning and Controls for the Darlington Nuclear New Project.  She is responsible for leading the OPG commercial team involved in the procurement of new nuclear reactors and assuring adequate project controls are in place when designing and constructing these new units. 

Without a doubt, Rumina loves learning on the job and knowing that she has the ability to make a difference.  What makes this even better is that she can do this while having the opportunity to interact and work with wonderful and talented people.  A couple of the projects that she feels have been most rewarding are when she led the transition team responsible for leasing the Bruce facility to Bruce Power and also when she co-chaired the Ontario utilities’ assessment of potential technologies for new nuclear reactors. 

Rumina came to OPG after receiving her B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto.  She also has an M.Eng. in Nuclear Engineering, and on top of these degrees, she studied hard to attain her M.B.A.  Due to this inner drive, Rumina looks forward every day to going to work with great enthusiasm.  In fact, she can count on only one hand the number of times she has not looked forward to going to work; this after holding over a dozen different positions over her 30-year career. 

To girls aspiring into any job, she quotes Eleanor Roosevelt: “A woman is like a tea bag, you don’t know how strong she is until she gets thrown into hot water.”  Just like setting and pursuing goals, do not underestimate your potential and look for opportunities that push you outside your comfort zone. 

WiN has inspired Rumina in that it is a strong advocate for having better representation of women in the industry and more importantly, in leadership roles.  What is most satisfying about WiN is how it has expanded her connections with others in the industry and made her network grow.


Created on Mar. 20, 2009 

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