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Women of WiN

Tracy Gagne

Tracy Gagne
Title: Nuclear Operations
Company: AECL

Tracy Gagne, is a nuclear operator with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) at the Chalk River Laboratories. A shift worker on a crew of 25 men and women, Tracy loves the technical aspects of her job.  “Working with the rod crew, assembling and disassembling rods, makes me proud to know at the end of the successful day, we are saving lives and promoting nuclear medical isotopes while completing that work in an extremely safe work environment,” says Tracy.

With her parents’ influence and encouragement, she trained as a Mechanical Engineering Technician and continues her education by retaining the many specific certifications required for her job as an operator. Her “On the Job Training” certification, allows her to train and evaluate other operators on the successful completion of their own training programs. 

Being a nuclear operator does not limit Tracy to working solely within the reactor. One of her most rewarding projects was working on the upgrade of the Combined Electrolysis Catalytic Exchange Upgrading and Detritiation Facility, a prototype facility that AECL built and subsequently used to sell two reactors to Korea. Tracy helped to successfully upgrade the facility to make it more economical to have medical isotopes delivered to clients.

Her experience as a delegate at the 2006 WiN-Global Conference, inspired Tracy to get involved with WiN. She described her life before WiN, “as just going to work and returning home in a repeated fashion for years”. Since joining the organization Tracy regularly represents AECL and has learned a great deal through these experiences. Tracy is the chair of the Eastern Ontario chapter and was the recipient of the WiN-Canada Award in 2009 for her commitment to WiN’s success and for the passion she exhibits when working on WiN events and activities.

Tracy contributes her increased skills in public speaking, speech writing, organizing activities and networking to her work with WiN. Skills that she believes will help her to set and pursue personal and career goals for her future.

Tracy is a strong believer that whatever you say, you must do. To all those setting and pursuing their own goals, “Walk the Talk and Walk Proud.”  She is a prime example by living out her own message. 

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