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V. June Connell

V. June Connell
Title: Sr. Technical Specialist
Company: NB Power Nuclear

June started her career at NB Power in November 2001 as a Licensing Specialist in the Nuclear Safety Unit. She prepared presentation material for station management to present to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) for the renewal and amendment of the station’s federal operating licences. 


Today, as a Performance Improvement Coordinator (PIC), June’s main goal is to advise members of the Technical Unit to improve their performance. She accomplishes this by mentoring and providing instruction on how to perform condition evaluations and develop effective corrective actions. She reviews the quality of the evaluations and corrective action to meet the station’s expectation for quality.

Prior to joining NB Power, June worked for the Department of the Environment (DOE) as an Environmental Inspector. She was the specialist responsible for air quality for the southern half of New Brunswick as well as responding to environmental spills and exceedences. While working for the DOE, she obtained a good understanding of the regulatory framework and documentation needed to support the provincial operating licences of the various companies in the province.


June’s education includes a Diploma of Chemical Technology from Saint John Community College, various training courses on environmental and legal issues from Dalhousie University, Train the Trainer, and various continuing training courses at Point Lepreau Generating Station. She is also a Certified Tap Root® and Equifactor® instructor through System Improvement Inc. of Tennessee.


The person who influenced June the most was Matthew McKim an instructor at the Community College. He was willing to take the time for extra personal attention to ensure understanding. June has always had a thirst for something new and enjoys the adventure in moving from one job to another while taking on new challenges. She enjoys the people aspect of her work. Her personal satisfaction comes from watching people grow with confidence and being able to teach and mentor them. Her message to young women would be: “Goals are musts, not shalls. This does not give you any latitude to try and get it done, it must be done!”


To June, the WiN organization represents an opportunity to educate people about the uses and need for nuclear power. This would include both her family and community. One of June’s personal goals is to attend a WiN conference in the near future.


Created May 28, 2009



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