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Judy Bartley

Judy Bartley
Title: FLM Civil mtce.Housekeeping
Company: OPG

Judy Bartley works in Civil Maintenance for Ontario Power Generation (OPG) as a FLM based on D Crew in Laundry Department. In this role she supervises staff and works with contractors to ensure that laundry is shipped out and brought back in a timely manner. Judy loves that in her position she gets to work with many different people. She gets great satisfaction from working towards ensuring a happy and healthy work environment for her crew.

Judy holds a diploma in business management and believes that the key to success is to stay positive and work hard. She also believes it is very important to be happy with whatever it is that you are doing.

Originally, Judy was a business owner who 11 years ago started at OPG in a temporary role. She began her career with OPG as a civil maintainer and worked at cleaning floors, washrooms and in the reactor building. She moved onto work in the decontamination facility where she became an FLMA for decontamination, dosimetry and engraving. From there she moved onto Pickering B where she worked as the FLM Housekeeping SPOC (single point of contact) before moving over to her current position three years ago. 

Judy became involved with WiN originally as a means of networking. She believes the organization plays an important role for women and that there is a need for higher levels of membership. Judy credits WiN with helping her refocus on why she is doing what she does and she appreciates the opportunity it provides her with to share her experiences with others. Meeting new people and knowing that she is not alone with issues that arise keep Judy actively involved with WiN. 

Created June 18, 2009 

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