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Jennifer Coristine

Jennifer Coristine
Title: Business Support Representative
Company: Bruce Power

 Jennifer Coristine is currently employed as a Radiation Technician, in the Training Division at Bruce Power. She in involved in the training of all radiation qualifications:  orange, yellow and green levels.  Jennifer enjoys her role at Bruce Power as the demands of the training department fit perfectly with her work ethic: her need to cross every “T” and dot every “I” is satisfied every day! In addition, she enjoys her job’s busy pace and variety. Her most rewarding project to date has been directly supporting work on the reactor face. 

Jennifer has almost completed a Certificate in Adult Education from Brock University and plans to carry on studies to achieve a Degree in Adult Education. She is additionally Green Badge certified. Her career path to Bruce Power was initially inspired by CEO of Bruce Power, Duncan Hawthorne. 

For Jennifer, personal satisfaction stems from knowing she has done her best on the job. Her advice to today’s youth is to set “super-sized” goals. 

Jennifer became involved with WiN after she was inspired by other members. She is a new member of WiN and has enjoyed her time with the group thus far.


When she is not busy with school and work, Jennifer enjoys bicycling, reading and cooking.   


Created on March 3, 2011.


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