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Sudduf Wyne

Sudduf Wyne
Title: Engineer In Training
Company: Ontario Power Generation

 Sudduf Wyne currently works as an Assistant Technical Engineer/Officer at Ontario Power Generation. In this role she spends her time doing failure analyses of metallurgical components in the Pickering and Darlington Nuclear Plants. She enjoys working at OPG because of the amazing people she meets with and is surrounded by everyday. The project Sudduf found most rewarding was when she was involved in the metallurgical analysis of the Darlington Steam Generator Preheater tubes.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering in Materials from McMaster University, Sudduf continues to apply her education to reach her career goals. She recognizes her mom as the person who has had the largest influence on her life choices, she says “my mom always tells me to follow my dreams and that I can do anything I set my heart on.” Her advice to today’s student is to “set short and long term goals and to reward yourself along the way. Also, surround yourself with motivated and inspiring individuals to stay positive.”

Sudduf joined WiN after Cheryl Cottrill inspired her to get involved. She continues to be a member for the opportunity to inspire other women and girls to get involved in nuclear and engineering industries. Sudduf would like to thank WiN for sponsoring GEMS – Girls Engineering Math Science, as it has allowed her to pursue her goal of engaging, exciting and inspiring girls to get involved in the field of science, engineering and math.

When she is not at work Sudduf enjoys working out, baking in the kitchen and volunteering in her community.

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