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Audette Dundas

Audette Dundas
Title: Section Manager Employee Wellness
Company: Ontario Power Generation

Audette Dundas is currently working as a Section Manager in the Employee Wellness Department at the Darlington site of OPG. In this role she ensures the appropriate application and implementation of the disability management program, health promotion and prevention, health surveillance as legislated, the co-ordination and facilitation of health management and education for employees.

Audette values her work in helping to maintain a healthy workforce and, more specifically, facilitating a successful return to work.Her most rewarding project was the implementation of a MSD project where she provided the necessary resources and tools to assist injured workers resulting in more reasonable and sustainable job accommodations.

Audette has earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing as well as a certification in disability management. She is currently a candidate in the Master of Health Sciences health promotion program.

Her advice to today’s students is "don’t limit yourself, be passionate about your goals and persevere." She also advises students to take advantage of opportunities to network with different people in any industry.

The person who has had the most influence on her life’s decisions is Barb Keenan, the Senior V.P. of Human Resources at OPG. Audette says “Barb is an inspiring person as she has a passion and commitment to evolution, a great spirit and continues to be supportive of her team.” Audette receives a sense of personal satisfaction at OPG when she interacts with various stakeholders and knowing that her contributions make a difference to the company’s bottom line. 

Audette decided to join WiN after meeting excellent leaders, such as Barb Keenan, Janet Donegan and Joan Dayment. She continues to be a member because she enjoys meeting other members, sharing information and learning about new opportunities. Audette admits that WiN has helped her think outside the box, as well as made her realize that she is part of a bigger team.

Audette enjoys running, so much so that she is currently training to one day qualify for the Boston Marathon. She also finds time to spend with her supportive spouse and two amazing children, who continuously remind her to make each moment memorable.

as created September 27, 2011.

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