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Laura Gauley

Laura Gauley
Title: Talent Management Analyst
Company: AECL

 Laura Gauley comes to WiN from AECL, where she works as an Human Resources (HR) Administrator and Employment Equity Coordinator. Her position is client-based and deals with human resources issues, hiring and retirement.

When she isn’t out running, rock-climbing, travelling or shopping, Laura dedicates her time to completing HR Management training at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta. Laura believes that the grounds for a successful career are loving what you do and continuously educating yourself. Within HR, it is Laura’s responsibility to ensure that the employees are happy and taken care of at every stage of their careers with AECL. She says that working with employees to help enrich their experiences on the job with AECL is the most rewarding part of her position. Laura is also the Employment Equity Coordinator for all of AECL’s Chalk River and Whiteshell Laboratories where she comes up with initiatives for the company to work towards ensuring Equity and Equality in the workplace.

Laura draws inspiration and passion for her career from her husband. Influenced by his work ethic and dedication Laura says that, “He gives back to his work triple of what he receives”.

Laura was encouraged to join WiN in 2009 by her department when she started her role in Nuclear Materials Management. She has been nominated to attend WiN conferences at many occasions and looks forward to all the upcoming events.

As created November 21, 2011.

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