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Shehla Khan

Shehla Khan
Title: Civil Engineer

 As a Civil Engineer at Candu Energy Inc., Shehla performs analysis and design of concrete and steel structures in nuclear plants, as well as supports for equipment and piping. The scope of her work also includes the seismic design and environmental considerations for the life of the structure.

Before entering the nuclear industry Shehla worked on the structural design of commercial high-rise buildings and transit facilities around Toronto. In her current role, Shehla enjoys the mental challenge of the projects and the sense of accomplishment that comes when a complex design is completed. Her most rewarding projects to date have been the design of entire buildings from the ground up, particularly the auxiliary buildings for the proposed nuclear power plant for Ontario.

Shehla has a Bachelor of Engineering in civil discipline and holds a Professional Engineering license from the Professional Engineers of Ontario. To balance the precision of her engineering background with a sense of perception, Shehla has also obtained a Certificate in Interior Design from Sheridan College. The certificate has allowed her to combine a theoretical background with a hands on approach to design. 

Both colleagues and management have been a source of motivation for Shehla. She points out that those with a combination of intelligence, compassion and a mentoring capability have been most inspirational. If she could give motivational advice to young people she would encourage them to “take your time to figure out what you love doing, shortlist your goals and then go for it with persistence”. She adds that “it is important to live your life with integrity and sound principles”.

WiN has provided for Shehla a forum to connect with women in the nuclear industry who face many of the same issues and challenges as herself. She has used WiN to exchange experiences as it provides a constant learning and teaching environment.  

Shehla keeps busy pursuing her many passions; music, interior design, yoga, reading and speaking about interesting topics.

As prepared Feb. 6, 2013

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