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Jadranka (Jad) Popovic

Jadranka (Jad) Popovic
Title: Vice President
Company: ZP Technology Solutions

Recently retired, Jad was previously with Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd at Sheridan Park for 33 years. During her time there, she was involved with Control Engineering and training of the technical staff.

Jad holds several qualifications including a Master of Engineering, specializing in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and is a Professional Engineer of Ontario. In early education Jad was influenced by her elementary and high school teachers, specifically her math and science instructors, and was further inspired by the successes and fast advancements in the fields of electronics, communications and space explorations to pursue career in engineering.

Being an engineer, Jad enjoyed her hands-on experience at her job, as well as the satisfaction of seeing the product of her design work operating in the generating stations. Looking back over her career, her most rewarding project was her involvement with the commissioning and licensing process of the control and safety systems computers for the entire fleet of CANDU nuclear generating stations in Canada and overseas. This and many other projects have given Jad the opportunity to work together with so many professionals, engineers and trades. This has been both gratifying and has translated into many good and lasting friendships. 

Jad has authored and co-authored over 50 papers and presentations in technical journals and international conferences. She is active in the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) as a member of the CNS Council and is the liaison for Women in Nuclear (WiN) Canada with the CNS Council. She is also the Chair of the Professional Development and Mentoring committee of the WiN-Golden Horseshoe West branch.

When Jad joined AECL, she was the only women working in engineering. For many years there were only a few women in the nuclear industry and numbers have gradually increased over the years. WiN offers Jad the opportunity to meet and interact with other women and meet new people with common interest for advancement of nuclear industry. Jad is also happy to share her experience and offer mentorship to her younger colleagues involved with WiN.

While her professional career is full of many achievements, Jad has always undertaken her work with joy and passion. She has undertaken this journey in the spirit of always looking for ways to bring new ideas and solutions to improve on business practices. Jad is married and has three adult daughters.  She is proud to have brought them up as a working parent and to have been, and continue to be, part of their lifetime journey.

Created on May 14, 2008. 

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