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Women of WiN

Bev Kidd

Bev Kidd
Title: Process Mechanical Designer
Company: AECL

 As a process mechanical designer Bev creates computer design drawings and 3D models. She finds the work rewarding because, through the creation of models, she is able to investigate problems and design and test solutions. She also appreciates that her work gives her opportunities to learn and produce something tangible.

Designing an improved polishing system for Canada’s second oldest fuel and material cell has been one of Bev’s most rewarding projects to date. Also, Bev enjoys working as prime tenant designate for AECL’s Drop Test Facility. The 20 meter tower can drop up to 20,000 lbs onto a rigid target qualifying for IAEA and CNSC certification for types A and B RAM Transport packages.

Bev has two diplomas, an electro-mechanical engineering technician diploma and a diploma of fashion design. Bev explains how the two sides of her education have come together for her; “I took a love of fashion, specifically pattern making, and took it technical for my career”.

Bev has been working closely with her manager and supervisor and strongly believes good communication is the key to success. Her words of wisdom for youths considering their future careers is to “take what comes naturally [to you] and learn everything you can that is related to it”. 

It was WiN-Canada’s 8th annual conference, hosted in Oakville, which inspired Bev to become more involved with WiN. The organization has allowed Bev to become more focused and self aware when it comes to her goals. She also appreciates the support, empowerment, and education the women of WiN have provided.

When she’s not working Bev has many other interests and activities that she likes to pursue including fashion design, music and art, gardening, home décor, and keeping fit by running half marathons and participating in Spartan Races.

As created November 4, 2013

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