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  • Linda Gillespie
    Linda Gillespie
    Title: Radiation Protection Technician
    Company: Nuvia Canada
    Local chapter: WiN- Eastern Ontario

    Linda’s job as a radiation protection technician involves ensuring safety in and around nuclear plants and other industries that store radioactive materials. She thrives on the challenges involved in resolving power outages, decommissioning projects, containing reactors, and conducting environmental and land surveys. One of her most rewarding career accomplishments was working as part of the team

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  • Danica  Metcalfe
    Danica  Metcalfe
    Title: Senior Information Systems Analyst
    Company: Bruce Power
    Local chapter: WiN-Bruce

    Asked what career advice she would provide today’s youth, Danica replies, “With motivation, hard work and a degree, job opportunities will be endless throughout your career.”

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  • Shannon Weatherhead
    Shannon Weatherhead
    Title: Radiation Protection Technician
    Company: Candu Energy Inc.
    Local chapter: WiN-Golden Horseshoe West

    In Shannon’s job as a Radiation Protection Technician at Candu Energy Inc., she is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of personnel by keeping radioactive contamination levels in compliance with regulations and performing radiation safety training.

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  • Colleen Sidford
    Colleen Sidford
    Title: Past-President
    Company: WIN-Canada
    Local chapter: WiN-Canada

    Colleen Sidford is the Past-President of WiN-Canada and a valued member of WiN's board of directors.

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  • Bev Kidd
    Bev Kidd
    Title: Process Mechanical Designer
    Company: AECL
    Local chapter: WiN- Eastern Ontario

    As a process mechanical designer Bev creates computer design drawings and 3D models. She finds the work rewarding because, through the creation of models, she is able to investigate problems and design and test solutions.

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